First of all on behalf of Mellieha Local Council I would like to thank Noah’s Ark for all their work for animal awareness. The local council fully supports the work that you are doing. If it was not for Noah’s Ark the number of stray dogs in Mellieha would have been much more in number. So I would like to thank Fabio and his colleagues and all his staff for all they are doing. As Ms Jutta Spang has just said, at one of our last council meetings we have agreed that we construct a number of kennels which I hope that within a few weeks will be donated to Noah’s Ark so that the dogs that you are keeping at the sanctuary will have a lovely home. I hope that Noah’s Ark will get all the support it needs from the local authorities so that it keeps doing the good job that it is doing now. From our side, as I have already said, I will give you the full support of the local council in the future. I would like also to thank Ms. Jutta Spang for the interest in the work that Noah’s Ark are doing here in the Mellieha.

John Buttigieg

Mayor of Mellieha