A bedraggled white bitch called Lady was the catalyst for the animal sanctuary which has taken the name Noah's Ark.

Former scuba-diving instructor and now bar and restaurant-owner Fabio Ciappara was out for a walk at Ahrax, on the outskirts of Mellieha, about four years ago when he noticed a white dog scavenging in the fields. The creature was in an appalling condition - so starved that she could hardly walk and terrified of people. Fabio could not get near her, but, back home, he could not get her out of his mind, so he went back the next day, and every following day, with some food and water. Gradually he won her trust. She eventually allowed him to put a collar on her which enabled him to take her to a vet for a thorough check-up.

Fabio called her "Lady" and eventually found her a lovely home on the farm of friends where she now has a very happy life.

There are, sadly, many abandoned dogs in Malta. Having had the very satisfying experience of rescuing Lady, and seeing her happily re-homed, Fabio realised that he could not just ignore all the other animals needing help. So he decided to start an animal rescue organisation that could, perhaps, one day become a proper animal sanctuary. Other local animal-lovers joined in to help and so Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary was born.

Local dentist, now retired, Mark Vella Bardon joined forces with Fabio and ground work to set up the sanctuary was well under way at the end of the autumn of 2005

A suitable location was found in November 2005. A dilpidated rabbit breeding hall together with a small area of adjacent land was rented from a farmer. Accomodation for rescued stray dogs started taking shape. From a dozen or so dogs at the start, the sanctuary grew and can now accomodate over 100 dogs comfortably.

Over the past 12 years, Noah's Ark has rescued hundreds of dogs. Of course, the ideal is to find new homes for them but, sadly, this is not always possible. In addition to food, several of the animals that have been taken in have required medical treatment, which is, of course, paid for by Noah's Ark.

Donations do not have to be of the financial kind, of course. There is always a need for suitable bedding, for example, and such things as food bowls and collars and leads that are no longer required.

Donations can be made by following instructions on our "DONATIONS" page

There are now many volunteers who help the only dog sanctuary in the north of the island and with their support and the help of a generous public Noah's Ark Dog Sanctuary will keep on sailing in full sail.


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