Bubbles was wandering around Mellieha for these last three years. Fabio had tried to catch him many a time, in order to have him checked by one of our vets at the sanctuary, but to no avail. He was very street wise and although you could lure him close enough to feed, he would always evade capture. Then some months ago, Lina called Fabio to report that a small poodle who was roaming the streets of Mellieha had a broken leg and was limping. Sure enough it was Bubbles and now there was no way he could run off. Fabio was therefore able to pick him up an take him to a vet who put his leg in plaster. The fracture did not heal well and after four weeks the vet noted that the leg had to be operated on and a plate placed to support the bone. The operation was going to cost Lm60, which the samctuary could hardly afford.

A kind gentleman from Newcastle who resides in Mellieha heard about Bubble's operation and donated the money.(God bless Neil for his generosity!).

Bubbles has recovered well and thanks to Joseph Chetcuti has finally found a home after appearing on Joseph's programme "Nies ta Veru" on Net TV. An always happy Bubbles is now with his loving foster parents in Zejtun.